As the final waning days of summer approach and hiring managers squeeze in final vacations before the kids are back in school, it is time to shift your job search tactics. Instead of aggressively pursuing a change, slow your pace down and focus your efforts on a passive job search. Take this slower time of year to update your online presence, beginning with your LinkedIn profile (and if you don’t have one, by all means, set one up!). As David E. Perry, author of Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters states, “LinkedIn is the epicenter of your job search universe online.”

In today’s internet world, it is imperative to have an engaging online presence. Sure, you still need a traditional resume to send to prospective employers, but many of these employers and the recruiters they are using to find you are prospecting on LinkedIn. In updating your profile, keep in mind these tips:

  • Use Keywords. Prospective employers and recruiters will use the search functions on LinkedIn to find you. For a CPA, these might be SEC or Oracle. Keep in mind that different employers may search using different keywords for the same skill set. For example, one employer may use “External Reporting”, while another may use the common acronym “SEC Reporting,” so be sure to include both.
  • Get Recommendations. Recommendations from former bosses back up your stated accomplishments and add legitimacy to your online profile. Typically, references happen towards the end of the hiring process, but it certainly doesn’t hurt your prospects by getting former employers to help you out by telling the world how great you are and what you accomplished for them. Doing so can set you apart from your competitors and ensure you get a call.

These should give you some good tips to get started on updating your profile and preparing yourself for a great job search season once the summer heat dies down. In the coming weeks, we will be discussing a few other tips for improving your online presence and visibility. Stay tuned!

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